Bridges To Wellness

An Ancient Paradigm Revived

Bridges To Wellness is a revival of an ancient paradigm. Revival ~ to restore to life or consciousness, to bring back into use.

Returning to a time before insurance companies, a time when we helped each other however we could, a time when we took personal responsibility for our well-being, a time when we empowered and uplifted ourselves, our family, our friends, our neighbors … all in the implied name of something Greater than “I”.

Returning to a time when health meant more than absence of disease, a time when health was defined not only by a balance of our unique mixture of qualities and bodily functions; but also by the clarity of our 5 senses and the ability to experience peace, bliss and joy within our mind, body, and spirit.

Accepting that our personal balance must be a priority in our life in order to fully achieve what we were intended to become. Wellness readily available for all willing to take responsibility and ready to accept Grace. Bridges To Wellness intends to serve each and every individual or group who seeks to empower themselves to live a more balanced life at the price each can afford.